Not Against Flesh & Blood (6 of 7) by David Flowers

In the beginning the Triune God created an orderly universe out of love. Then somewhere in the primordial past a portion of his angelic agents began working against the Creator—war in the unseen realms! In this series, David addresses how things came to be broken the way they are today, and how the spiritual forces of evil are still at work exploiting human weakness and opposing God's will. It's a struggle between good and evil, but ultimately the real battle is not one of flesh and blood. In the sixth message, David challenges us to consider how worship should be seen as a way of resisting spiritual evil and manifesting the Kingdom.

Listen to David and view the slides here.

Series Outline:

  1. Creation & Chaos
  2. Cruciformed Sovereignty
  3. Prayer as Holy Resistance
  4. Prayer in Imagination
  5. Sword of the Spirit
  6. Worship as Warfare
  7. Hell Will Not Prevail

Lent 2014 (6 of 7) by David Flowers

Pastor David leads us through Lent 2014 with an "Encountering God" sermon series. In the sixth message, David looks at how we can encounter God in our worship.

Series Outline:

  1. Encountering God in Temptations
  2. Encountering God in Our Blessings
  3. Encountering God in Our Thirst
  4. Encountering God with New Eyes
  5. Encountering God in New Life
  6. Encountering God in Our Worship
  7. Encountering God in the Resurrection of Jesus (Easter)