ministry teams

2018 CMF Ministry Teams
If you're interested in serving on a ministry team, please contact the team chairperson.

Community LifeThis ministry team plans and coordinates fellowship meals and/or picnics, maintains kitchen supplies, organizes meals for special situations such as hospitalizations, birth of a child, etc., and coordinates with other ministry teams when food and/or kitchen use is necessary.

Team Chair: Shelley Wiley

FacilitiesThis ministry team makes sure that routine building and grounds maintenance is kept up (lawn mowing, snow removal, cleaning, etc.). This team would also identify and prioritize capital improvement projects, organize “work days,” for work projects that can be done by volunteers from within the congregation and coordinate use of building by outside groups.

Team Chair: Lyle Martens

Nurture:  This ministry team provides oversight for the children and youth ministry at CMF, both in the classroom setting (Sunday School) and other organized social, service and learning opportunities. This includes making sure education materials are ordered in a timely fashion, procuring teachers and activity leaders and becoming aware of resources available to Sunday School teachers.

Team Chair: Beth Lehman                           

OutreachThis ministry team facilitates establishing and sustaining creative ministries for the sake of the gospel of Christ, as the Spirit leads, beyond the immediate needs of the congregation. In other words, this team would either create opportunities for reaching out (evangelism), or make us aware of existing opportunities to which we could contribute time and resources. The Outreach team has primary oversight of Vacation Bible School, including calling an individual to serve as VBS Superintendent.

Team Chair: Rich Helm

WorshipThis ministry team works to plan the times of gathered worship, primarily Sunday morning. This includes inviting persons to fill the various roles in a worship service, facilitating use of worship arts and the decoration of the sanctuary (both for special seasons and for ordinary time), keeping up with music/video copyright issues (CCLI), and planning for ongoing training of music and worship leaders. Additional responsibilities of the worship ministry team include: 1) inviting individual(s) to give leadership to the annual Christmas program; and 2) giving direction to the worship service at the annual retreat.

Team Chair: Mac McArthur-Fox

Audio/Visual (AV)This ministry team is primarily responsible for running the AV booth during CMF services: prep for worship, slide presentations, controlling sound board, and maintenance of AV equipment. This team also assists with IT concerns, other media, and managing the church website.

Team Leads: Denton Yoder, Judy Hurst, Sam Winn

Administrative Council:  The Ad Council is comprised of the chair person, lead pastor, church treasurer, and every current chairperson of the CMF ministry teams. The council oversees and collaborates on the overall organizational direction of CMF and makes financial, as well as ministry-related, decisions for CMF. 

Administrative Council Chair: Mike Hurst
Church Treasurer: Janie Heatwole

Team Chairs:
Community Life – Shelley Wiley (Secretary)
Facilities – Lyle Martens
Nurture –  Beth Lehman
Outreach – Rich Helm
Worship – Mac McArthur-Fox
Preschool Liaison - Janet Yoder
PLT – Andrew Buckwalter-Fairfield

Pastoral Leadership TeamThe Pastoral Leadership Team (PLT) shall discern and guide the spiritual direction of the congregation as it journeys to fulfill the Great Commission, and the mission and vision of Christiansburg Mennonite Fellowship. As exemplified in the New Testament, the PLT functions as elders of the local church—serving the community as spiritual shepherds. Team members are nominated by the church with an open ballot and serve three year terms.

The Lead Pastor serves as the chairperson of the PLT.

Team Members:
Sam Winn
Charlie Fox
Conrad Heatwole
Andrew Buckwalter-Fairfield