Jan 31st Minutes & Report / by David Flowers

Minutes – January 31, 2016

Treasurer’s Report – Fourth Quarter Financial Report

Old Business:

a. Ministry team help lists, next steps - Bring up again at next meeting once all forms have been handed in. Time for team leaders to decide if they wish to continue in their roles.
 b. Property boundary update - $4,500 for land; will need to hire surveyor to check out boundaries and dissolve property divisions

New Business:

 a. Designation of Title Trustees – see attachment, approved
 b. Ad Council Chair nomination/replacement process – Phil would like to step down as chair (Mike expressed interest, Ad Council to take one week to pray/decide and have church affirm nominee, Phil to send email out to members to agree on nominee and pastor will approach nominee); Clinton evaluating Ad Council “Process and By-laws”

Reporting from Ministry Leaders

    a. Worship – Lent Feb 14
    b. Nurture – Bethany is new SS teacher for Middlers
    c. Community Life – Benni's looking for helper; Baby shower for Flowers coming up in April
    d. Outreach – TOH sometime after Feb 7th
    e. Facilities – Still need to check into covering exposed A/C pipe, some church members     expressed interest in helping mow the church yard

Preschool update – Joe had surgery; Bridget and Lisa taking over for now

Report from PLT – Charlie Fox and Sam Winn have joined the PLT

Next meeting date: 3/8 @ 6:00pm

Treasurer’s Report:

2015 Year at a Glance Summary
 (Budget Based on Average Weekly Offering of $1692)

Beginning Operating Balance        42,489.00         
January Operating Balance        41,670.70        Jan Average Offering        1545
February Operating Balance        41,570.72        Feb Average Offering        1614
March Operating Balance        41,469.86        Mar Average Offering        1567    
April Operating Balance        40,887.48        Apr Average Offering        1648    
May Operating Balance        41.510.07        May Average Offering    1525    
June Operating Balance        39,332.04        Jun Average Offering        1408    
July Operating Balance        38,227.06        Jul Average Offering        1421    
Aug Operating Balance        39,033.75        Aug Average Offering    1640    
Sept Operating Balance        37,860.67        Sept Average Offering    1688    
Oct Operating Balance        36,546.93        Oct Average Offering        1367    
Nov Operating Balance        36,603.44        Nov Average Offering    1406    
Dec Operating Balance        36,356.55        Dec Average Offering        1853    
Annual Deficit            6,132.45        YTD offering annual        1555
                            ($-137/budgeted weekly offering)

The 2015 4th Qtr and Annual Financial Report were distributed. Total expenditures for the year exceeded income by $6,132.45. Expenditures were $88,692.03 -- 99% of the budget. Income was $82,559.58  -- 92% of budget. Actual weekly shortfall (based on the annual deficit) was $118/wk.

Designated funds as of December 31, 2015:

CC Offering is $435.81;  VBS is $460.31;  College Ed Fund is $0.00;  Cedarwood Preschool Fund is $4,185.76;  Cedarwood Preschool Scholarship fund is $797.50;  Capital Improvement Fund is $8,627.15;  Tax fund is $0.00;  Mutual Care Fund is $1238.99; CMF Retreat Fund is $438.95;  Compassion Fund $0.00; Youth Fund is $556.22;  Piano Fund is $1,202.60;  Babysitting Fund is $20, and Audio Visual Fund is $67.75.  The forwarding balance of all funds is $54,387.59. 

The Refugee Offering was $325

Action for Appointment of Trustees

Whereas… the Administrative Council of Christiansburg Mennonite Fellowship (CMF), elected and appointed by the congregation to oversee and direct the business of the congregation, and
Whereas … the congregation needs persons that can sign legal documents on its behalf, Be it resolved that we designate Trustees of Christiansburg Mennonite Fellowship to act in behalf of the congregation with the following responsibilities:
    a) To be the legal tenants of the church property, securities, and bequests
    b) To be caretaker of funds designated to the Trustees
    c) To manage, invest and preserve the funds, property, securities, and bequests in
    accordance with the guidelines and direction of the Administrative Council. 
And be it resolved that we designate as Trustees Conrad Heatwole (Riner, VA) and Denton Yoder (Shawsville, VA), to be registered with the Court in Christiansburg to fulfill the responsibilities of the office of Trustee of Christiansburg Mennonite Fellowship.

Approved by the Administrative Council, Jan 31, 2016