Aug 30th Minutes & Report / by David Flowers

Treasurer’s Report – YTD average $1549

Old Business:
a. Computer operating system – working out glitches with connection
b. Foyer – Janie, Kristina, David to work together on making décor decisions with a $500 cap before bringing it to Ad council
c. Online giving – Jon to try and make next meeting, Jon and David to add content to website regarding sending checks directly from bank accounts

New Business:
a. Finishing work - kitchen and landing – kick plates need to be installed, Janie and Kristina to look at vinyl scrap Janie has and see if it could go on landing, new knobs approved to replace worn-out white knobs in kitchen
b. Sunday school plans – service opportunities sheet (each team to make a short list of things they could use help with)
c. Church credit card – Janie and Kristina approved to be on credit card with $5000 limit
d. Mutual care fund – currently at $150, check back at end of year
e. Retreat update/plans – most members have not yet registered, more info to come

Reporting from Ministry Leaders
a. Worship – need musically-inclined help during service
b. Nurture – Penny power offering to be all of September, in the future split giving between PP and (other project? - forget the name??)
c. Community Life – Kristina to print off and laminate color coordinating chips (Veg, DF, GF) for those with special dietary needs
d. Outreach – have TOH discussion at next meeting
e. Facilities – staining playground is complete, fence complete

Preschool update – trees are out, grass sown, gaps in fence need to be filled (railroad ties for now?)

Report from PLT –  Elder rotation coming up, Retreat next week, VT students need rides (think on how we might fix that problem going forward.)

Next meeting date: October 18th, 2015 (after church)

Closing Prayer
Treasurer’s Report:    Ad Council Meeting, Sunday, August 30, 2015

2015 Year at a Glance Summary
 (Budget Based on Average Weekly Offering of $1692)

Beginning Operating Balance: 42,943.32         

January Operating Balance: 41,670.70         Jan Average Offering: 1545
February Operating Balance: 41,570.72        Feb Average Offering: 1614
March Operating Balance: 41,469.86             Mar Average Offering: 1567    
April Operating Balance: 40,887.48               Apr Average Offering: 1648    
May Operating Balance: 41.510.07                  May Average Offering: 1525    
June Operating Balance: 39,332.04               Jun Average Offering: 1408    
July Operating Balance: 38,227.06                 Jul Average Offering: 1421    
Aug Operating Balance: 37,890.05                 Aug Average Offering: 1665    
 YTD Decrease        5053.27          YTD offering average    1549

Designated funds as of August 30, 2015:
CC Offering is $281.39;  VBS is $474.29;  College Ed Fund is $0.00;  Cedarwood Preschool Fund is $5,124.34;  Cedarwood Preschool Scholarship fund is $717.50;  Capital Improvement Fund is $8,027.15;  Tax fund is $0.00;  Mutual Care Fund is $148.99;  CMF Retreat Fund is $472.19;  Compassion Fund $0.00; Youth Fund is $556.22;  Piano Fund is $1,202.60;  Babysitting Fund is $20, and Audio Visual Fund is $67.75.  

The forwarding balance of all funds is $54,982.47

Second quarter financial report was distributed.
Special Offering for Malawi Missions was $500
Special Offering for Gospel Hill AV was $230 ($270 added from Capital Improvement)
Vacation Bible School Expenses totaled: $462.52
Walking Roots Band Offering was $170 ($330 added from Speaker Fund) plus an additional $100 donation was received later.  WRB received a total of $600.