May 5th Minutes & Report / by David Flowers

Pastoral Evaluation w/ J. Mark – very positive reviews! Mark shared praises/concerns; two things Mark asked us to think about 1) reviewing the structure of the church, how things get done, 2) craft the budget to facilitate current mission and vision.

Treasurer’s Report – Giving is up $1648; losing average of $500 this year vs $1000 in 2014

Old Business:

a. Spring Cleaning Update – receipts turned in = less than expected ($30 paid out)

b. Computer operating system – getting there - still waiting for Office to get here

New Business:

a. Flooring Approval – cost $659 (good deal), Heatwoles will pay for installation

b. Gospel Hill AV need – Jon offering his time to help costs; CMF to offer $500; Total Estimate      is $5000, GH asking for $2500 from surrounding churches

c. Brochure – 300 brochures for $175 (come out of office supplies)

d. Chairs/Table – Estimate cost to be $250-$350, tabled to next meeting

e. 1) Online Giving, 2) Email/Site Updates, 3) Computer Stuff, 4) 501c3 – 1) Stripe 2-3% fee,          Paypal?, some concerns – needs further investigation and update at next meeting from Jon; 2) Jon adding email accounts; 3) site updates has budget of $275/yr (to be added to utilities budget); 4) Jon to look into cost vs time to register church

Reporting from Ministry Team Leaders

a. Worship – N/A

b. Nurture – Lanna organizing VBS; Discussed canceling SS for summer months and adding      10am coffee time (needs decision over email)

c. Community Life – Summer picnics – June- Park Picnic, July/August undecided; Baby shower for Middletons June 7th , Kristina would be responsible for 10am coffee time each Sunday of summer months

d. Outreach – Brochures

e. Facilities – N/A

Preschool update – Still need to stain playground; grass to be reseeded this summer; registration is full

Report from PLT –  In “praying” stage for Journey evening service – to start potentially in Fall

Next meeting date: June 2nd @ 6:30

Closing Prayer

2015 Year at a Glance Summary

(Budget Based on Average Weekly Offering of $1692)

Beginning Operating Balance   $42,943.32

January Operating Balance       $41,670.70

Jan Average Offering       $1,545

February Operating Balance     $41,570.72

Feb Average Offering      $1,614

March Operating Balance         $41, 469.86

Mar Average Offering     $1,567

April Operating Balance           $40,887.48

Apr Average Offering      $1,648

YTD Decrease                           $2,055.84

YTD offering average     $1,592

Designated funds at the end of April 30, 2015:

CC Offering is $331.76; VBS is $718.09; College Ed Fund is $0.00; Cedarwood Preschool Fund is $8, 017.38; Cedarwood Preschool Scholarship fund is $697.50; Capital Improvement Fund is $8,407.79; Tax fund is $0.00; Mutual Care Fund is $148.99; CMF Retreat Fund is $472.19; Compasssion Fund $0.00; Youth Fund is $556.22; Piano Fund is $1,202.60; and Audio Visual Fund is $67.75. The forwarding balance of all funds is $61,490.75.

Unbudgeted Expenses: (Facility)

            Outdoor Easter/Spring Spruce-Up                        $232.36

            Small Group Spring Cleaning             $  78.01



Kitchen Floor Replacement Quote: (Carpetland)

            Sienna Winter Frost Vinyl (gold grade)  276 yds @ $2.10         $579.60

            Adhesive                                                            2        @ $40.00        $80.00

                                                                                                CMF Total            $659.60

            Installation will be covered by Heatwoles