March 17th Minutes & Report / by David Flowers

Treasurer’s Report – Giving for February was $1614 (YTD decrease ~$1300); $6500 went to Mangala in Africa

Old Business:

a. Church maintenance/improvements – Sunday School room and Foyer need paint (possibly a small group job for Spring clean-up); Phil to call Conrad & Carpetland to get someone to come out and measure/quote for flooring job; If toilet leaks again, contact Lyle

b. Updates on computer, microphone, transmitter? Receiver now setup so we'll see how it goes

c. Church constitution and bylaws (see #8)

New Business:

a. Set date for Sping Cleaning (David and Lyle to write up google doc; David to look into getting chairs to setup in Foyer)

b. Permission for Hurst family to use facilities on Saturday May 23rd from 10-3 (approved)

c. Registering with IRS as tax-exempt 501c3 – need clarification on cost/value of choices

d. Confirm date for Ad Council Meeting after PLT Meeting (Apr 12) for pastoral evaluation with J. Mark    (see #9)

e. David to look into online giving for the church

Reporting from Ministry Leaders

a. Worship – Maunday Thursday/Easter Breakfast

b. Nurture – New SS material ordered

c. Community Life – Judy + I-Mo to help with Easter-related meals; Kristina to purchase          disposable plates, etc.; May 3rd – provide snack bags for college students; Hurst's tentatively    moving Apr 10-12th

d. Outreach – Walking Roots Band concert (evening of July 26th); looking for more opportunities to volunteer (like TOH and Haiti project at Fieldstone)

e. Facilities – gravel getting moved back now; David to purchase “no truck” sign

Preschool update – Still need to get a slide cover and stain playground

Report from PLT –  J. Mark Frederick (interim District Minister) will be at CMF Sunday, April 12th to talk about the pastoral mid-term evaluation process. He will return for PLT and Ad Council meetings on May 5th; Exploring outreach opportunities for Cburg and the “unchurched”; Currently looking into the liabilities and safeguards for churches regarding childcare; 1,000 website visits since January!

Next meeting date: May 5th @ 6:30

Closing Prayer